The Market for the Artwork of Marc Chagall

The international demand for Marc Chagall’s graphic works has remained strong for decades. The majority of graphic works sold by Chagall are limited edition lithographs, etchings, woodcuts or mixed-media prints. They are typically hand-signed by Chagall and numbered or annotated.

Chagall’s color lithographs and etchings have remained highly desirable to collectors over the years. As an innovator in the technique of lithography, Chagall achieved a luminous and rich coloration which often gives his works the appearance of pastel drawings or watercolors. Numerous six-figure prices (and prices over one million dollars for suites) have been fetched for lithographs and etchings sold at international auctions. The following are some notable prices fetched for Chagall graphic works between the years of 1987-2008:

$3,212,550Daphnis and Chloe (suite of 42); color lithographs; 6/1990; Sotheby’s, London
$424,244Four Tales of the Arabian Nights (suite of 13); color lithographs; 12/2002; Christies, London
$105,149Daphnis and Chloe (one plate); color lithograph; 6/1988; Christies, London
$104,118Self “Portrait with Grimace; hand-colored etching; 6/2005; Christies, London
$96,635Homme au Samavor; hand-colored lithograph; 7/2004; Sotheby’s, London
$92,500Joie; color lithograph; 10/2009; Christies, NY
$91,650Tour Eiffel, Fond Bleu; color lithograph-monotype; 10/2000; Christies, NY
$88,000Bay of Angels; color lithograph; 11/1990; Christies, NY
$86,500Geschenk; hand-colored etching; 10/2008; Sotheby’s, NY
$79,750Large Bouquet; color lithograph; 11/1987; Sotheby’s, NY
$74,500Vue de Notre Dame; color lithograph; 11/2004; Christies, NY
$67,000In the Sky of the Opera; color lithograph; 10/2007 Christies, NY
$66,000Artist’s Wife; color lithograph; 4/2006; Sotheby’s, NY
$66,000Bastille; 5/1989; color lithograph; 5/1989; Sotheby’s, NY
$65,797Couple et Poisson; color lithograph, 5/2007; Dorotheum, Vienna

Source: Gordon’s

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